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Solved! app is now available in Google Play Store™ !

The free version of Solved! is also available in Google Play Store™ !

Solved! app brings to you solutions of the ISC Computer Science Practical papers from 1998 to 2014. We will soon be updating the app with solutions for:

> ISC Computer Science Theory
> ICSE Computer Science
> CBSE Computer Science

Solved! works offline. You do not need Internet connection to access the app. The only time you will be needing the Internet is when you install Solved! Take the app with you, where ever you go and bid adieu to lengthy printouts! :-)

The salient features of Solved! are:

1) Every program executed with the input parameters specified in the question.

2) Coded in the most optimal way, strictly adhering to the question requirements.

3) Robust search functionality lists questions according to topics [ String, Array, et al ].

4) Advanced search further filters questions [ String Anagrams, String Recursion, et al ].

5) You can share your Solved! experience with your friends, right from the app!

Here is a sneak peak for you :: Launch Solved!

Solved! upgrades will always be free! The paid version of Solved! will always be advertisement free! We hope you will enjoy the app as much as we do developing it. Please send your feedback and comments to Your opinion is valuable!