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2016 Council Notifications!

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There has been a sudden change by the council in the marking scheme of the ISC Computer Science Theory and Practical [ 70/30 ] as compared to the earlier division of 100/100. Please read about the details :: 2016 Council Notification about Content and Marking Scheme

Solved! brings to you the specimen question papers!

Happy coding!

2015 ISC & ICSE Papers

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Hello World!

The Computer Science question papers of 2015 ISC Practicals and 2015 ISC Theory are now available in Solved!

Please also see the ICSE Theory question papers from 2010 to 2015 question paper.


Solved! Free now has Theory too!

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The free version of Solved! has been released, so what’s new? It now has Theory too!

ICSE and ISC Theory from year 2010 now feature in Solved! app. Maintaining the highest standard of quality, all the answers conform to the guidlines of the ICSE/ISC Board. Every code snippet was run successfully and written in the most optimal way. Enjoy the app with the Winter cheer and please let us know your thoughts!

Even the Mighty falls

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Even the Mighty falls… at times!

Yahoo Outage

Yahoo Outage

2014 ISC Computer Science

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Hello World!

The Computer Science question papers of 2014 ISC Practicals and 2014 ISC Theory are now available in Solved!

Computerised Accounting System Workshop

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A summer workshop is being conducted by Sutapa Ray for Accounts teachers from several schools in Kolkata. This workshop will acquaint them about the Computerised Accounting System [ CAS ] which has been introduced in the ISC syllabus of late. The teachers are getting a hands on experience on spreadsheets and databases, along with a basic understanding of ready to use, customized, tailor-made accounting systems.

Teachers attending the module:-

1. Ms Gulshan Ahmed: Pratt Memorial School

2. Ms Ratna Mahapatra: La Martiniere for Girls

3. Ms Meera Bahri: Mahadevi Birla Sishu Vihar

4. Ms Manisha Ajmera: Future Foundation School

5. Ms Zarine Huda: Albany Hall

6. Ms Sushmita Chowdhury: St. Paul’s Boarding and Day School

7. Ms Vaswati Samanta: Modern High School For Girls

8. Ms Sudha Tulshan: Modern High School For Girls

9. Ms Sumita Dutta: St. Thomas Girls School Kidderpore

Arindam joins !

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I am very happy to introduce Arindam Mitra a very esteemed friend and welcome him to ! Arindam is a B.Tech [ Mechanical Engineering ] from IIT Kharagpur and has done his schooling from Don Bosco [ Park Circus ]. A member of Free Software Foundation, Arindam has always been an ardent proponent of Free Libre Open Source Software. Our passion for Programming, Information Technology and practically anything to do with new discoveries has been the foundation of the friendship which is now entering its seventeenth year.

Arindam is the CEO of WRC Technologies, a company specializing in web solutions and Android and iOS development. He has been associated with for a long time now. It was because of his endeavour that I could come up with this wonderful venture of Had it not been for Arindam, I would not have been able to reach out to all of you. It is of late that he has agreed to officially declare his association in this venture.

Arindam would be instrumental in bringing the applied part of Computer Science to the students, specially the students of ISC, class XII.

We are back!

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We worried for decades about WMDs – Weapons of Mass Destruction.
       Now it is time to worry about a new kind of WMDs – Weapons of Mass Disruption.

                                                                                                                ~ John Mariotti

Website hacking has become inevitable. It is now not a matter of “if”, but a question of “when”. Hacking is now a fact of life [ on the cyber highway! ] The mindless mirth of these crackers [ hackers hack, crackers disrupt! ] can very well be compared to the senseless bursting of crackers in the compound of a hospital. Or any other such activities which has become the bane of our modern life.

So we were not that surprised when our beloved fell prey to one such random attack.

hacked hacked on 18 February 2014

Thanks to one of our students, it was brought to our attention within five minutes. We took immediate steps to restore the site, and in less than 3 minutes we were back online. The security measures that we have in place ensured that none of the data was compromised. We use the fantastic content management framework, WordPress and some awesome plugins that are maintained by a team of exceptional open source coders, who believe in the Free Software movement.

You may find it interesting to read the below articles:
Google under siege!
Gmail accounts in Iran hacked, says Google
Google Malaysia hacked by Pakistani team
Google Malaysia search engine page hacked will continue in its mission to provide quality assistance to all the ISC Computer Science students of India. In very near future we will be launching a variety of interesting study materials that will make Computer Science all the more fun and informative! This incident of website cracking by some faceless entity may “disrupt” us [ like a flat tyre of a car ] but the journey will continue.

May the source be with you!

Best of Luck!

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Here’s wishing my students from all over the country:

Best of Luck

for the oncoming ISC Computer Science Theory exam to be held on the 1st of April. Please click here to see all the ISC Theory questions from 2005 onwards.

Hello world!

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Sutapa Ray
I am Sutapa Ray and I have been teaching computer science to the students of class XI and XII for the last twenty years. I love coding! :-) It has been a dream of mine to bring to the students the solutions of ISC Practical and Theory questions [ 1998 – 2013 ] and at long last I have realized this dream! The solutions are now available! Please check the questions here and here and choose the ones for which you need the solutions.

After you have chosen the questions, please contact me clearly mentioning the solutions you want.