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2016 Council Notifications!

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015

There has been a sudden change by the council in the marking scheme of the ISC Computer Science Theory and Practical [ 70/30 ] as compared to the earlier division of 100/100. Please read about the details ::...

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Solved! Free now has Theory too!

Posted by on Jan 20, 2015

The free version of Solved! has been released, so what’s new? It now has Theory too! ICSE and ISC Theory from year 2010 now feature in Solved! app. Maintaining the highest standard of quality, all the...

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Computerised Accounting System Workshop

Posted by on May 27, 2014

A summer workshop is being conducted by Sutapa Ray for Accounts teachers from several schools in Kolkata. This workshop will acquaint them about the Computerised Accounting System [ CAS ] which has been...

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